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EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies

Volume 6 (2020) (open volume)

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Laura Aldave De Las Heras and Danièle Roudil (Guest editors)

Euratom Research and Training in 2019: challenges, achievements and future perspectives

R. Garbil, C. Davies and D. Diaconu (Guest editors)

Part 1: Safety research and training of reactor systems

Open Access

Infrastructure and international cooperation in research and knowledge transfer: supporting access to key infrastructures and pan-European research − lessons learned 27

Published online: 05 May 2020

Part 2: Radioactive waste management

Progress in the Science and Technology of Nuclear Reactors using Molten Salts

Jan Leen Kloosterman, Elsa Merle and Jean Ragusa (Guest editors)


Safety Evaluation

Euratom Research and Training in 2019: the Awards collection

R. Garbil, C. Davies and D. Diaconu (Guest editors)