Aims and scope

EPJ N - Nuclear Sciences & Technologies is an open access medium for the communication of original research, ideas and developments in all areas of the peaceful use of nuclear energy, as well as on applications of nuclear particles and radiation.

EPJ N publishes technical papers, technical notes, critical reviews, workshop and congress proceedings, book reviews, computer code abstracts, and letters to the editor.

EPJ N aims to serve its academic community, industry professionals, research institutions, government agencies and policy-makers concerned with the research, technological development and application of nuclear science and technology by:

  • Providing authoritative and up-to-date information on the field of nuclear science and technology ;
  • Promoting the exchange of ideas and research within the nuclear/atomic science community
  • Identifying areas of growth by assessing the conditions and constraints affecting the peaceful use of nuclear energy ;
  • Supporting the development of nuclear technology and applications in various markets for peaceful purposes ;
  • Responding to global energy and environmental needs and objectives through the study of nuclear science, technology and resources.

EPJ N’s broad scope covers a wide range of topics within its subject category, including General Issues related to Nuclear Power Utilization: Documentation and Database.

Radiation, Accelerator and Beam Technologies: Nuclear Physics applied to Engineering, Nuclear Data Measurement and Evaluation, Radiation Behaviors and Shielding, Radiation Physics, Radiation Detection and Measurement, Accelerator and Beam Technology, Synchrotron Radiation, Medical Reactor and Accelerator, Neutron Source, Neutron Technology.

(NEW) Nuclear Data: Nuclear Data Measurement, Evaluation of Nuclear Data and their Related Uncertainties, Nuclear Reactions, Nuclear Physics for Nuclear Energy Applications

Nuclear Reactor Physics: Reactor Physics Experiments, Reactor Neutronics Design and Evaluation, Reactor Analysis, Neutron Transport Calculation, Reactor Dynamics Experiment, Nuclear Criticality Safety, Fuel Burnup and Nuclear Transmutation

Nuclear Reactor Mechanics and Thermo-Mechanics

Nuclear Instrumentation, Measurement, Control and Characterization ; Human-Machine System: Reactor instrumentation and Control System, Human Factor, Non Destructive Assays, Robotics, Remote Control, Safeguards, Control Room and Operator Interface Design

Thermal Hydraulics: Thermal Hydraulic Experiment and Analysis, Thermal Hydraulic Design, Thermal Hydraulics of Single/Two/Multi Phase Flow, Fluid-structure interaction

Operational Management of Reactor, Nuclear Safety Engineering: Operational Management, Inspection and Maintenance, Nuclear Safety Engineering

Nuclear Materials and Nuclear Fuels: Fabrication/Development and Properties of Nuclear Materials and Fuels, Codes and Norms, Solid State Chemistry of Actinide Compounds as Fuels, Thermodynamics and High Temperature Chemistry of Fuels, Irradiation Behavior and Characteristics of Materials and Fuels, Irradiation Technique and Post-Irradiation Experiments

Reactor Chemistry, Radiochemistry, Fuel Cycle, Reprocessing, Safeguards Technology: Reactor Chemistry, Radiation Chemistry, Corrosion, Decontamination, Isotope Separation, Application of Isotopes, Front and Back-end of the Fuel Cycle, Uranium Enrichment, Nuclear Chemistry, Radiochemistry, Chemistry of Actinides, Fuel Reprocessing, Group Partitioning, Nuclear Transmutation and Partitioning Process, Accountancy, Safeguards Technology

Radioactive Waste Management: Radioactive Waste Treatment, Radioactive Waste Disposal and Environment, Decommissioning and Dismantling, Design and Manufacturing of Transportation Vessel and Storage Facility

Health Physics and Environmental Science: Medical and Biological Application of Radiation, Nuclear Medicine, Biological Effects, Radiation and Radioactivity Measurement, Radiation Dosimetry, Radiation Control, Environmental Radioactivity, Radiation Dose and Environmental Safety Assessments, Philosophy and Standards for Radiation Protection

(NEW) Technico economics for nuclear systems: Nuclear (thermo)economics, Effective Utility & Costs of Resources for Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Consumption, Nuclear Emissions, Nuclear-Power-Fleets, Nuclear Storage Demand, Nuclear Cogeneration, Nuclear Policy, Optimization of Nuclear Power Plants, Fuel Cycle Economics, Uranium Supply Analysis, Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE), Exergy Analysis, and all matters specifically relevant to the Economics of Nuclear Energy