“Fuel Cycle Simulation TWoFCS 2021” – topical issue published in EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies

EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies (EPJ N) is pleased to announce the publication of the topical issue “Fuel Cycle Simulation TWoFCS 2021” guest edited by Fanny Courtin, Francisco Alvarez-Velarde, Philippe Moisy and Léa Tillard.

The topical issue addresses nuclear scenario studies and gathers research presented online at the TWoFCS International Workshop 2021. Articles range from “Pu multi-recycling scenarios towards a PWR fleet for a stabilization of spent fuel inventories in France” to “NMB4.0: development of integrated nuclear fuel cycle simulator from the front to back-end” by a team in Japan.

According to the editorial, “Since 2015, an international effort has been made by nuclear fuel cycle simulation tools developers and users to connect with stakeholders and facilitate the development of collaborations and projects at national and international levels.” The Editors go on to say, “In this framework, Technical Workshops on Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulation (TWoFCS) are organized in order to enhance discussions and provide the opportunity for scientists to share their work.” (Fanny Courtin et al.)

Read the editorial to find out more.

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