First articles published in EPJ N Nuclear Sciences & Technologies a new fully Open Access Journal from EDP Open (November 2015)

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EPJ N is a forum for the communication of original research, ideas and developments in all areas of the peaceful use of nuclear energy, as well as on applications of nuclear particles and radiation and aims to serve its academic community, industry professionals, research institutions, government agencies and policy-makers concerned with the research, technological development and application of nuclear science and technology.

I’m proud to announce the first articles in EPJ N, which provides authoritative and up-to-date information on the field of nuclear science and technology and promotes the exchange of ideas and research within the nuclear and atomic science communities

Editor-in-Chief Christophe Béhar
Director General of the CEA’s Nuclear Energy Division (French Atomic Energy Commission)

… these articles demonstrate the journals commitment to providing a peer-review platform to identify areas of growth and support the development of nuclear technology and applications in various markets for peaceful purposes through the study of nuclear science, technology and resources

Co-Editor-in-Chief Bernard Bonin
Deputy Scientific Director of the CEA’s, Nuclear Energy Division

As well as fully open access journals, EDP Open provides free and open access to more than 80,000 scientific articles from across all EDP Sciences’ journals and also hundreds of conference proceedings.

Here is a selection of the first published articles

Why nuclear energy is essential to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emission rates
Agustin Alonso, Barry W. Brook, Daniel A. Meneley, Jozef Misak, Tom Blees and Jan B. van Erp

Monte Carlo MSM correction factors for control rod worth estimates in subcritical and near-critical fast neutron reactors
Jean-Luc Lecouey, Anatoly Kochetkov, Antonin Krása, Peter Baeten, Vincente Bécares, Annick Billebaud, Sébastien Chabod, Thibault Chevret, Xavier Doligez, François-René Lecolley et al.

Heterogeneous world model and collaborative scenarios of transition to globally sustainable nuclear energy systems
Vladimir Kuznetsov and Galina Fesenko